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Percolator BongsPercolator waterpipes are just like regular bongs except that they have a small extra chamber within the main chamber to filter the smoke twice over and ensure you get a crisp, clean, smooth and great tasting smoke! Diffusers can also be used - both of which you'll find right here!

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About Us

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This website was set up to help bong lovers around the world to find the very best bongs with in built percolators on the internet.

The two websites that we reccommend to buy a percolator bong from are GrassCity and EDIT. They both have an excellent range of products and have affordable prices.

Again, thanks for stopping by and if there's anything you need feel free to contact us (just use the link to the left).

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Below are two of the best headshops on the internet. They've both got exceptional quality, large ranges and low prices - and of course, all the very best in percolator gear.

Looking for a specific type of perc bong? We've got some great varieties on offer. Some of the most popular lines include our glass on glass percolators and the powerful range of double percolator bongs - these guys pack a real punch!

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RooR Percolators

RooRRooR is one of the most popular brands in the world and they're known for their amazing percolator bongs. If you want something that'll blow you away - choose RooR.


Weed Star Percolators

Weed Star Perc

Weed Star is quality on a budget. You don't have to pay several hundred dollars just to get a great bong - click More to see the range of awesome Weed Star Percolator bongs.


Black Leaf Percolators

Black Leaf Percolator BongsCheck out this fantastic range of Black Leaf percolator waterpipes available in a huge range of colors and styles. There's a Black Leaf bong to suit everyone.

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